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Door wreath winter mistletoe, Ø 25 cm

Door wreath winter mistletoe, Ø 25 cm

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  • handmade
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A kiss under the mistletoe brings good luck for a couple's future together. In addition to this beautiful custom, the extraordinary wreath with its bright white berries and heart-shaped draped leaves can also be presented perfectly as a window or door decoration, for example in combination with the small wreath.

Product information

  • Details: Large mistletoe turkish with green leaves and white berries
  • Dimensions
    • Outside Ø 25 cm
  • 100% Fairtrade certified manufacturing
  • 100% handmade with great attention to detail
  • 100% pure new wool from certified origin
  • Dyed with environmentally friendly dyes
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Did you know that....

....the mistletoe wreath is a symbol of love and peace?

It comes from an ancient tradition that dates back to Celtic times. The Celts believed that mistletoe was a sacred plant that could cure illness and ward off evil spirits. They decorated their homes and temples with mistletoe to receive blessings and protection. Later, the Romans adopted this custom and kissed under the mistletoe to show their affection. This custom spread throughout Europe and became particularly popular in England. Today, many people hang a mistletoe wreath on their door or over their fireplace to welcome their guests and wish them luck!


    All products bear the Fairtrade seal. They come from fair trade and their production complies with prescribed social, ecological and economic criteria.


    Gry & Sif are committed to fair wages and working conditions for women in Nepal and we think that's great. Each product is unique and made with a lot of love.

  • 100% handmade

    Each product is made by hand. The wool comes from New Zealand, where the animals are kept in good conditions and sheared without pain.

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