Return+ | Swap old for new!

Do you love your felt decorations from Gry & Sif, but do you need a change? Don't you want to just throw away your beautiful pieces or let them collect dust in the basement?

Then we have exactly the right thing for you! Send us your Gry & Sif products back and we will reward you with a voucher for your next order!

How does this work? It's simple: fill out the return form. We will send you a DHL label with which you can send the products back to us free of charge. We will then check the condition of your items and you will receive your voucher. The value of your voucher depends on the condition and purchase price of your item.

  • like new: 50% of the purchase price
  • used: 25% of the purchase price

What happens to your felt decoration? It is important to us that the lovingly handmade felt art does not end up in the trash. Depending on the product and condition, we will reprocess the products, offer them as second choice items or donate them to charitable organizations. We want to be 100% transparent: We are starting this campaign in December 2023 and do not yet know how many felt friends will take advantage of this offer and how we can best reuse the products. We will keep you up to date in our newsletter and in the webshop blog and are confident that with Return+ we can make a small contribution to the topics of sustainability, resource conservation and recycling. Thank you for your dedication.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to write to us at .

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It's that easy:

1. You fill out the return+ form below.

2. We will send you a confirmation email with a return label.

3. You send us your items back.

4. We check the condition.

5. You will receive a voucher.

frequently asked Questions

How long ago can my order be placed?

There is no time frame. However, your order must have been placed in our shop.

How long does processing take?

After receiving your items, we need approximately 2-3 days to process them.

Who decides on the condition of the items?

Your assessment in the form will of course be taken into account. Our employees ultimately decide whether an item is classified as new or used.

How long is the voucher valid and can it be combined?

Your voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. It cannot be combined with any other discount promotions.

Is it possible to pay out the voucher in cash?

It is not possible to pay out the purchased voucher in cash.