• Less cardboard waste

  • Save CO₂ emissions

  • Easy to use

Shipping with reusable packaging - Boomerang

Our next step towards a sustainable brand is to offer reusable packaging as a shipping option. In collaboration with Boomerang, you can now do something good for our environment with every order. The reusable packaging saves up to 80% CO₂ emissions compared to single-use packaging. A single packaging can be reused up to 50 times. It is made of recycled polypropylene and if it is too old or broken, it is completely recycled using a single-origin process. All you have to do is select reusable shipping in your shopping cart and place a deposit of €3 with your order. As soon as the packaging has arrived back with us, you will receive the 3 € back. This means there are no additional costs for you. All you have to do is throw the folded packaging with the integrated return label into a mailbox.
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Reusable packaging

In collaboration with Boomerang you can order all of our products in reusable packaging.

  1. Select reusable packaging in the shopping cart.
  2. Deposit €3 at the cash desk.
  3. As soon as the shipping bag is back with us, you will receive your deposit back.

Possibility Number 1

Do you want to keep your products?

  1. Fold the Boomerang Pack to the smallest size (DIN A4 size).
  2. Unfold the shipping label so that it is visible.
  3. Drop it into every mailbox free of charge throughout Germany.
  4. After delivery of the pack you will receive your deposit back.

Option 2

Do you want to return your order?

  1. Put your items back in the shipping bag.
  2. Fold to the appropriate size and close with Velcro.
  3. Register the return in the portal and stick on the label.
  4. Leave the shipping bag at a DHL drop-off point or a packing station.
  5. Once the shipping bag has been delivered to Filzlig, you will receive your deposit back.
Click here to go to the returns portal

frequently asked Questions

How can I select a Boomerang Pack as a shipping option?

After selecting your desired items, simply select the Boomerang Pack as a shipping option in the shopping cart. The deposit will be added automatically and your Boomerang Pack will appear as an item in the shopping cart.

Is there a deadline for returns?

If you return items from your order, our 14-day return period applies. You have 30 days to return the empty bag via a mailbox.

How do I send my return with a Boomerang Pack?

If you don't like the items you ordered, you can simply put them back in the shipping bag and stick the appropriate return label on the Boomerang Pack.

How do I get the deposit on my Boomerang Pack back?

You will receive the deposit deposit easily and automatically back to your selected payment method as soon as the Boomerang Pack has arrived back at us.

I sent my Boomerang Pack back some time ago, but haven't gotten my deposit back yet. What can I do?

Each Boomerang Pack has an ID that is directly assigned to the order. When it is returned, it must be registered and connected again. So it can take a few days before you get your deposit back. If you still haven't received an email after 2 weeks, please contact us.