Collection: Vases

Our vases, handmade in Europe, fit beautifully with our bouquets and branches. They are simple and each piece is unique.

With the vase covers you can easily beautify glasses and create a unique look.

  • vases

    Vases are decorative vessels often made from ceramic or glass. They are mostly used to arrange flowers or other plants, but are also valued as art objects or collectibles. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles to suit different settings and occasions. Our vases are perfect for holding our individual flowers or bouquets .

  • 100% New Zealand sheep wool

    The Gry & Sif factory has been producing great wool felt products in Nepal since 2000. The label educates and supports women and advocates for fair working conditions. All products manufactured here were designed in Denmark and are handmade unique pieces. Our felt products are made from 100% New Zealand virgin wool. Virgin wool is not only water and dirt repellent, but also neutralizes odors and is also a durable and long-lasting material.

  • What defines Scandinavian decoration?

    Scandinavian decoration is simple and unobtrusive. It is also hyggelig, which means cozy and beautiful. To decorate in Scandinavian style, you should always stick to nude tones, soft pastel colors or even simple gray tones. However, color accents are always eye-catching and absolutely desirable in your decoration. With our Scandinavian felt decorations you can bring a piece of Scandinavia home.

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